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Dental Implants clinic in Greater Noida

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to provide a fixed artificial tooth. They are placed inside the the bone to replace a missing or badly decayed tooth witho
Braces Treatment in Greater Noida


Metal and ceramic braces are used for correction of irregular/crooked teeth, forwardly placed teeth, open bite, deep bite, cross bite, reverse bite
RCT (Root Canal Treatment) Near Me

RCT (Root Canal Treatment)

RCT (Root Canal Treatment) is required when infection in a tooth spreads to its pulp, root and bone around it. In this treatment roots of a tooth a
Tooth Colour Fillings treatment in greater noida

Tooth Colour Fillings

Composite and GIC restorations are tooth colour material used to fill the cavities in tooth formed by dental caries, decay, fracture or grinding. T
Gum Bleeding treatment clinic in greater noida

Gum Bleeding

Bleeding gums can be a sign of serious problem inside gums and bone. Delayed treatment or untreated bleeding gums may result in pyorrhea, loosening
Children's Dental Treatment in Greater Noida

Children's Dental Treatment

Dental health of children is very important for not only their future permanent teeth but also for their complete growth & development. Childre
Senior Citizen's Dental Treatment in Greater Noida

Senior Citizen's Dental Treatment

Dental health of senior citizen is very important for their general health. Missing teeth decrease quality of life and over all health including di
Best Prosthetic Eye Treatment in Greater Noida

Artificial Eye, Ear, Nose etc

Silicone/acrylic prosthesis like eye, ear, nose, finger and top/bottom jaw parts (lost in cancer or accident) are made by our super specialist doct
Teeth Whitening treatment in Greater Noida

Teeth Whitening

Yellowish teeth of a person brings his/her self confidence to bottom low which may lead to less chances of getting a job and lesser marriage prospe
Invisalign and invisible braces treatment in greater noida

Invisalign and invisible braces

Invisalign, Clear Aligners and Lingual Braces are the invisible options to correct irregular, crooked, forwardly placed teeth, gaps between teeth a
Bad breath or smell from mouth

Bad breath or smell from mouth

Bad breath/smell from mouth is a social stigma in one's life.There are many reasons of bad breath like uncleaned tounge, dental cavities, gu
Sensitive teeth (Cold or hot sensitivity)

Sensitive teeth (Cold or hot sensitivity)

Sensitivity may be because of cavities, fracture/crack, grinding of teeth or gum diseases. Right diagnosis and early treatment can save a tooth to
Smile designing, makeover Treatment in Greater Noida

Smile designing (Hollywood Smile)

If you want beautiful teeth or a smile like Hollywood/Bollywood stars, get consultation by our smile design specialists.Laminates/Veneers ar
Wisdom tooth pain or sensitivity

Wisdom tooth pain or sensitivity

Wisdom tooth is the most backside tooth in mouth which erupts at age of 20-25 years. It does not used in any function like chewing. Most of the tim
Dental Cap and bridge

Dental Cap and bridge

Dental Cap (crown) is used to protect and cover a badly broken/decayed tooth or over a tooth after RCT.There are three types of caps:
Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery

Who stopped you to show off !!! your smile with a sparkling diamond over a tooth....