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About Us - Cosmetic Dentist in Greater Noida

Welcome to Eugenics Dental Clinic

It is very difficult to find a right dental doctor with adequate clinical skills, knowledge, experience and ethical/genuine treatment advice for our dental health.

Here at Eugenics Dental Clinic, our doctors are highly experienced and qualified from India's top government medical institutes: AIIMS and MAMC, New Delhi.

Global standards of hygiene and cleanliness: We sterilize all dental instruments in a most advanced autoclave machine that kills 100 % of germs and their spores (all types of micro-organisms including that of AIDS, Hepatitis and Corona virus diseaseetc) to prevent any cross infection of any disease from one patient to other. Our clinic's cleanliness and hygiene standards are that of international level.

Global quality standards:We use most advanced dental instruments and equipment for dental treatment and provide world's most advanced treatment available to our patients.

Affordable treatment cost: We give genuine and ethical treatment advice to our patients. Our treatment charges are reasonable and affordable.

All dental treatments are available at Eugenics Dental Clinic for all age groups including children, adults and senior citizens.

Expertise of failure cases: We have experience and expertise of re-treatment of failure cases that were unsuccessfully treated at other clinics. (Re-treatment is only possible if treatment's failure is within biological limits of re-treatment).

Eugenics Dental Clinic
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